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Weaning from Breast to Bottle

A number of nursing mums begin to wean their babies between four and seven months so they can return to work or resume other activities away from the child. Even if you donít plan to stop breastfeeding until later, you may still want to start giving your baby an occasional bottle of either breast milk or formula so that you can spend more than a few hours away from him at a stretch and so that his dad, or grandparents have a chance to feed him every now and then. Bottle-feeding also gives you more flexibility when you take him out or travel. In any case however you should continue to give him breast milk or formula till heís one after which cowís milk can be given.

It is almost never an easy task to get your baby to take a bottle if heís never done so before. He is most likely to object in the first few times especially if his mother gives it to him. By this age he associates his mother with nursing so its understandable if heís confused or upset if thereís a sudden change of routine. Things may actually work more smoother if his father or any other family member feeds him a bottle. After heís gotten used to the idea, mum can take over.

Once your baby has learned to take an occasional bottle, it should be relatively easy to wean him from the breast. The time required to wean him, however will vary, depending on the emotional and physical needs of both the mother and child. If your baby adapts well and you are ready to transition, then you can make a total switch in one or two weeks. For the first two days, substitute one bottle of formula for one breastfeeding per day. One the third day, use a bottle for two feedings and by the fifth day you can jump to three or four bottle feedings.

Once you have stopped breastfeeding entirely, breast milk production will cease very quickly. If in the meantime your breast gets engorged, you may need to express milk for the first two to three days in order to relieve the discomfort.

Many mums prefer to wean more slowly, even if their babies cooperate fully. Breastfeeding provides a closeness between mother and baby thatís hard to duplicate in any other way. However many babies lose interest between nine and twelve months so its important for you to remember that this is not a sign of personal rejection, but a sign of your childís independence.

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