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Traveling with your baby

Traveling with your baby during her infancy is probably the easier traveling that you will ever do. For the first few months, all your baby will care about is her comfort – a full stomach, a clean nappy and a comfortable place to lie down or sit. If you can satisfy these basic needs then your baby will probably travel with minimum protest. The main thing is to try and maintain her normal patterns as much as possible.

Long trips involving time zone changes can disturb your baby’s sleep patterns. So it is absolutely critical that your plan your baby’s activities according to his schedules. If she wakes up early then plan an early start of your activities. Be prepared to stop earlier as your little one will get tired and cranky sooner.

If you plan to remain in a new time zone for more than two or three days, your baby’s internal clock will gradually shift to coincide with the new time zone that you are in. You will need to adjust mealtimes to match the times when her body is telling her that she is hungry.

Your baby will adapt to her new environment more rapidly if you bring some familiar things from home, for instance her baby blanket, bath toys, soft toys etc. Try and give her normal meals that she is used to. This is not a time to try out a new formula or introduce her to new tastes.

When packing a trip with your baby, its usually best to use a separate bag for her things. This makes it easier to find items quickly when you want them and reduces the chance that you’ll find an important one. You will also need a large baby bagfor her bottles, toys, snacks, nappies and wipes. Always keep this bag with you.

When traveling in a car, make sure that your baby is safely strapped in her car seat . The back seat is the safest place for your baby to ride. Rear-facing seats should not be placed in the front seat of a car with a passenger-side air bag. If you are going to rent a car, make sure that you reserve a car seat in advance or bring your own one.

If you are not sure how to strap your baby on a plane ask for help. Unless you buy a ticket for your baby, you will be expected to carry your baby on your lap. However you can always request for a bassinet in advance.

If you are bottle-feeding your baby bring extra formula in case of unexpected delays. If you are nursing and are concerned about privacy, ask the attendant for some blankets that you can use as a screen.

If you plan your trip well, there is no doubt that you and the little one can enjoy the much needed break.

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