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Products, services and networking for busy Mums
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Welcome to Mummy Network

“What I wish I’d known.” I always find myself saying that when I deal with my little girl. No matter how much we know in theory, what we’ll do in real life when our baby cries can come as a big shocker. Being a mummy is by no means an easy task, nevertheless it is a great experience that helps us discover such strong emotions of love, rage, fear, protectiveness and guilt that we never knew existed.

The Yummy Mummy rocks!

I love the term ‘Yummy Mummy.’ The Yummy Mummy today is the Guru of multitasking. She takes care of her little ones, works, cooks, cleans, eats healthy, hits the gym, loves shopping, is practical and puts family as top priority.
This website is dedicated to all the wonderful Yummy Mummies out there. I am no expert on baby solutions, but what I will strive to do is make your life a little bit easier by making this website a one stop for your baby's needs.I have put together a range of essentials recommended by the Mummy Network from toys to travel gear to gifts. Have fun browsing the different categories and I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. My aim is to help you find what you are looking for with the least effort so that you can spend the time saved taking a nap, reading a book or taking that much needed walk in the park. I have also put together some more lovely Yummy Mummy treats,because once in a while you need to break loose and indulge in something that’s for your benefit alone, a splurge that serves no greater purpose than to lift your spirits!! Enjoy!!!

FACTS: 10 reasons you are a good Yummy Mummy

1. You are very patient: at least once over the past week you let your little toddler try to put on and remove her clothes.
2. You can make a cheese sandwich with one hand; pump breast milk with the other while phoning a friend.
3. You are a good listener: you know all the nursery rhymes your little one sings to you.
4. Your favorite TV characters are ‘The Tweenies’ just like your son’s.
5. You figured out how to install the car seat.
6. You are the only one your daughter trusts with her dolly when she’s gone to nursery.
7. You are the best chef: only you can make the best peanut butter jelly sandwich with a side of ‘broccoli trees!’
8. You surf the web for new toys even during the baby’s naptime.
9. For the first time in months you have coffee alone with your girlfriend and all you can talk about is your baby.
10. You long for that sloppy big goodnight kiss.

We at MummyNetwork want to recognise and thank special Yummy Mummies who go out of their way to make the world a better place.

If you know of any such mother and would like them to feature here in the Yummy Mummy page, please email me

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Products, services and networking for busy Mums

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